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Do You Guys A Approve?

3 servos, for arms and neck

2 micro servos for head and eye tilting

servos for wheels

ir sensor

do you think these are good options for my wall-e.....since im not buying the kit from Mr. sures i wanted to make sure all the parts im buying will be compatible not only with the ezb but will be sufficient for the wall-e project.

im not sure if the standard and micro servos rotate 180 degrees, i know the wheel servos rotate 360, i would hate to buy this stuff and it not be the right stuff i need.

any advice would be great...




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I think you are on the right track but the servos are missing the horn attachments in some cases. Been thru what you are doing now, figure out what you want to do then get the parts... from China loads of time and if you are wrong or change your mind... start over! Not sure about the IR sensor. Wish we had PM on this board so I could send you some stuff. Anyways I am doing the same thing you are just a little further down the path. And I bought the kit but have bought other parts to replace them trying to find best fit. Best tip I can give you is make the least modification to the Wall-E that you can... in case something doesn't work out. Or when you change your mind and want to try something else! Good luck Milanmark


gotcha, thanks you have a link to pics of your project....i know a ton of people here are working on their robots so they never update their threads....all i would love to know is whtat servos people are suing....micro, nano, standard, maybe a link or two....

do you think i can put micro servos for the arms? i was going to use standard servos, thiking the arm is heavy and the bigger servo would work better...


Just my 2 cents but the wireless camera really adds quite a bit to the project. The face tracking is pretty darn awesome especially if you're using 2 servos for the head/eye pan and tilt.


thanks, yeah im actually going to do servos and sensors that do not require soddering.....or how eevr you spell that. once im done with the basics i will move on to:

wireless cam in eye ping sensor led's and mp3 trigger

i might actually go the blue and red led's for the eyes.....

have them change color when wall-e "mood" changes...also want to make the eyes "blink" like in the ultimate wall-e

got the idea from my r2d2


If you really don't want to solder, I'd recommend getting a bunch of female jumper wires and a terminal strip.

Also, you can get RGB led's which will allow you to change the eyes to any color you want.


@hoolagen1: no pics - yet working on it... good point I will do a BOM on the parts I use. Right now I have the track servos (modified came with kit) mounted and working on the arms which will use plastic chain. bought a smaller servo as I wanted it mounted inside. Right now trying to figure a plan for the head rotation and tilting. It's not bad to solder, I will need to before I'm sure, buy a kit to practice on, lots out there and fun projects too!