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Do We Need Sdk?

I'll try to keep this brief. We are building a robot that will do the following task autonomously.

  1. Avoid obstacles
  2. Shoot at enemy glyphs
  3. Rescue a victim, who is located near a friendly glyph.

He will do the following under operator control.

  1. Relay a video feed to an operator's display
  2. Drive the vehicle from a Wii remote
  3. Fire an airsoft machine gun at a target from a Wii remote.

We have successfully tested each of these subsystem independently using ARC. It is amazing! Now, we want to "write a program" to make this happen all together. We have done similar tasks in RobotC,

Is this a task for SDK?


PS we did watch the tutorial


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  1. Obstacle avoidance uses the Radar Control

  2. When a glyph is detected, an EZ-Script can be executed. The EZ-Script can "shoot something"

  3. See #2 but replace the words "shoot something" with "rescue someone"


Using the SDK will allow a great deal of customization - but it is not necessary. Glyph recognition can execute EZ-Script... It can even execute C# or VB. :)


Thanks again, this is exciting stuff, perhaps it will also tell jokes. We'll post a video when we get it all working. This will be a great endorsement of EZ_Robot for the Robotics Merit Badge community.


Oh! Very exciting:) Thank you


The latest ARC allows you access to the detected object location in variables. Please see this video...



I am impressed. My imagination just exploded. We have to learn how to use apply this. This capitolism at its finest, benefiting by benefiting others. You are a role model for the boys.

Thank you for all of your hard work.

Brian & Team


:) Thanks Brian! That's really nice of you :D

You'll be able to use EZ-Script and locate a glyph. Set a script to execute when a glyph is detected. Then in the script, Stop the any movement. Wait a second for the robot to balance. Then grab the X and Y location of the object.

Now you should be able to move the servo into a position to aim at the object and shoot it, or what ever you're trying to do:) .. You'll need to do a tiny bit of math to calibrate the servo to a screen position... But that should be the fun of a challenge :D


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Sorry to bother you AGAIN, but I have not been able to get past this error when I try to down load your latest version. see attachment

Thanks again



Maybe your computer is having .net issues. The new builder relies on .net 4, and it is configured to be checked during installation as a dependency. If your computer has issues, it may return an error instead - try manually installing .net 4 :)