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Dj'S Auto Connect With Ez-Script Video Is Fantastic

Saints preserve me..DJ that video on the autoconnect using EZ-Script is FANTASTIC !!!, If you could have step tutorials on script that run like your toy conversions you would win the day for all of us that have made the journey to completed robots. Your showcase would be full of video demos of what your system can do - Robots coming on with speach, Robots acting as sentry's, Robots that follow things, Robots that control Robots. I plan to have Bob in videos doing all kinds of things and with video examples of how ARC works we can now do this. Next time you come to Melbourne Australia I've got a beer waiting for you.



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Thanks :)

For more videos and tutorials, click on the tutorial menu option on this website. Also, the video menu option hosts all ez-robot videos and tutorials.

Within ARC, you can press the question mark button on any control to receive assistance and watch tutorial videos.


Thanks DJ , I'm not to the software portion yet but I can already see this being just what I needed when I get the robots back from paint :)