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Dj Sures.Ez-Bits Need More Documentation!

I would like to see in one place a bill of materials for all the items required to be printed for JD, Rolli and 6. That way, I can queue up the files and start printing and know I have quantity of each part to be printed and the STL file name for those parts to build the robots when I am done. Does this list exist somewhere? Please provide!


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Open the example JD project in the Examples folder of ARC On the 3D designer of the JD click on Design Click on Bits Used in the designer and the list will show which bits are required.

Note: These images are for Six as my JD project wont open currently (not sure why, may be due to other programs running)

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Thanks @Rich for jumping in:) @mstephens_42 - ARC is the home for all 3D printed files to print every robot and every EZ-Bit. As we get closer to manufacturing in June, we will be uploading the most recent (and missing) files. As mentioned in previous threads, we are waiting to upload the final designs (instead of iterative ones now) so only the correct files exist and are used by our community.