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Dj Sures Does Videos On How To Build An Inmoov

How would the community like DJ to do a video series on building an InMoov, similar to the Ben Heck show/videos?

Also, wouldn't it be great if they made some of the parts used in the project for sale?

I'm one that's all in and willing to donate to this project...


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@69developer I guess you are not aware of the lic agreement surrounding the inMoov project... Perhaps you should head over to Gael's site and read up on the lic... No one can profit from making, selling or using the inMoov in any shape or form....

I won't speak for @DJ, but I thinking he may not have the time with all the other things he has on his plate right now with ez robot....

Maybe another member here can do it instead?


Ok didn't know on the no one can profit. Lesson learned. Can still donate.

But DJ suggested this or at least someone from EZ-Robot did on Twitter and if there is enough request maybe he will do it.


There would be no licensing issues if I made one as a tutorial - we could never sell the pieces. Although it may be in the best interest of the inmoov team to discuss with us about perhaps offering an injected molded version of the parts for mass production. Specifically if we were to work out a great financing deal that puts money into their organization for the hard work. It wouldn't be in ezrobots interest to profit from inmoovs amazing work - all we care is the customers use EZ-B v4/2 Wi-Fi Robot Controller's for their inmoov :)

I'm going to review the build instructions. It might be fun to build one and document it in video. Worst it'll do is get more inmoovs in the world! And I'd be happy to see that.


@DJ... I didn't say it was a bad idea for you to build one... Besides, your documenting and video abilities would exceed anything that even Gael has done.... I have built 2 now, but I would still enjoy an ez robot style build of inMoov...

I just thought of another benefit... If you did do one I am sure it would bring many current and would be arduino users over to ez robot to see how it is really done... :D


There's arduino inmoov's? Eak, what do they do? Flash leds? haha


@DJ... yep and arduino is the prevalent choice among inMoov builders... I have checked it out and it is a bit of a big, convoluted rigmarole setup... It all works...(sort of) in the end, but there is a fair learning curve to get setup and working....

Funny thing my video of my inmoov wowed those arduino guys.... For the life of me I didn't know why until afterwards... I was just doing average ezb programming that I thought was pretty run of the mill stuff that the ezb can do without breaking a sweat .... But apparently average ezb stuff = extraordinary never seen before arduino stuff... :D


Well, we welcome all arduino users!


Alright - i'm going to build an Inmoov in my "spare" time... If there is such a thing these days haha

So first, let's chat servos. What do I use? Where do I get them? I see some are using EZ-Robot Servos, as in this thread:


So far I have use ez heavy duty servo in arm (5 for fingers, 1 for wrist) / each arm

1 for neck, 1 for head rotation, 1 ez micro servo for jaw.

Total of 10 HS805BB or equivalent servos 1 for each Elbow, 3 for each shoulder and 2 for the hips


I can't even get on the InMoov website forum - it's a little difficult to navigate their website. I hope people do not feel that way about ours! eak

What files do I need? Its confusing...


Someone else would be better at getting you the stl files. Merne printed mine.


It would give those 5 3d printers something to do. You should be able to have it printed out in a few weeks.


@ DJ Go to and click on downloads, all of the parts can be downloaded from there or

There are assembly tutorials there as well under the "Assembly" tab, with all of the build instructions. My advise, if you are going to build the robot with PLA on your Rep 2's, is go with only 2 shells. I went with 3 for the first while and I had to do a lot of Dremel work to get things to fit. If you need any help let me know, I'd be glad to answer any questions you may have. Good luck !


@DJ, I don't know the licenses as far as what you can and can't do. But would be nice if you created an area on EZ-Robot for it that uses the EZ-Robot layout scheme (forums, video tutorials, parts used, etc ), which would help with organizing and finding things easier.

I'm really looking forward to this and hope you find the time to work on it. Even dedicate a YouTube playlist under EZ-Robot.


@69developer All that info is over at the inMoov website, including a BOM list, 3d drawings and detailed pictures of the assembly. There is also a google forum that Gael started that has a wealth of info.... Everyone who has built or is building an inMoov uses the resources on Gaels site.... It is extremely difficult to give a detail parts list right down to the nut a bolt used because everyone builds their inMoov slightly different.... I'll say this, it's about $30 - $50 in screws, nuts and bolts.... To be honest I don't even know what exactly I used as far as hardware is concerned as I just bought what I needed as my build progressed.... Other than the hardware the rest is basically just servos and abs/pla.... Like I said there is a BOM listing which includes the servos you need for the project over at the inMoov website... You just start building and it seems to all come together.... :)


@DJ Both the Tower Hobbies TS-80 Giant scale servo & the Hitec HS-805BB have the square 5K pot...install in.

The Inmoov original stl file where using round pot... since the square pot.. made their apparition, some people have publish new stl file to adapt the square one So far so good.

The advantage of round you can rotate the body into the case to tweak the movement of the articulation. (could be very handy for elbow and shoulder adjustment.)

I have discover there is a round 5K pot.. into the EZ-robot HD servo. That is exactly what is needed.

I couldn't fine any source so far. Do you think you could help to find one?

User-inserted image


I too would be very interested in knowing where to get these pots.


@DJ, may I ask where you got your inMoov? Would love to order something in that condition...


@DJ, never mind, I see now.

@Richard R, want to semi-make me one? Please... :D:D :D


@69developer .... I wish I could dude, but I can't ... To make it worth my while I would have to charge several thousand dollars for it. Even if I didn't get caught, I am not willing to take the risk... Wait for an awesome deal on a printer and you're golden... It's a great project... :)



are the stl files for inmoove free to download?


BTW, that looks like an inmoov on the couch/chair in the main camera view of the EZ-B website. Here is mine so far. It's taking forever due to a general lack of talent and no time to spend on it. Can't wait to actually get to do some programming. User-inserted image



he looks great.


@Checksumff Your inmoov is coming along nicely... Don't sell yourself short... A lot of the inMoov parts don't fit that well to begin with... I did a lot of re-prints and a lot part sanding myself... I am sure Bob will tell you the same... Keep plugging away, you'll get there....... :)


@Checksumff I found that if I printed the parts with more than 2 shells, they didn't fit very well and I had to do a lot of dremel work, Most gears I had to print at 97 or 98% (doesn't seem like a lot of difference but it is). Your InMoov is looking great!


@checksumff, I was wondering about your Inmoov project, I can see it is comming verry well. Take all the time you need, it is a lot of work and your doing fine.


Thanks everyone! I appreciate the encouragement!


Good catch checksumff, There is an arm on the table and torso + head on the chair.

Will there be a new EZ-Robot team member soon?


Aerius - I'm very excited to see what The EZ-Robot team can do with this.


If you go to my twitter page, you will see a close up of the InMoov at EZ-Robot. Should be within the last few posts...

United Kingdom

I saw a couple of days ago, JD unpacking some parts that look like parts for a InMoov? ;)


Hey DJ, where's all the videos you was going to do?!?!? I'm just kidding, I know you guys have been extremely busy.