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Dj, Hs School Robotics Question

My wife is a science teacher in high school. Another teacher approached her and asked if she was interested in being part of a new robotics curriculum that will be offered after the summer. A four year immersion into robotics CNC, rapid prototyping and 3d animation. All this is through a grant, based on introducing High School students to evolving technologies.

So, I told my wife that they had to get your robotic kit for the program. She has asked me to ask you if it is possible during the summer for the school to order approximately 30 kits. Will you accept orders from academic organizations? And is 30 kits doable all at one time?

Thanks in advance.

Will Huff

P.S if you would like to take this private please email me at


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Oh for sure! We have a few schools already using the EZ-Robot Platform. 30 kits is very do-able at anytime. I'm making sure we have a constant inventory of 100 kits in stock. That would be fantastic to see what highschoolers come up with!

I'll send you an email and send you bulk educational pricing:)


Excellent news. I'll let her know. Isn't it great to see this kinda exposure to robotics in high school? I'm 46 and would have killed to take robotic classes in HS. I was programming basic code in a texas instruments TI-99-4A (catchy name eh?) and wished R2D2 was my best buddy.