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Asked — Edited

Dj Customer Support

My order has been processing for 2 weeks ?
I have emailed on it and no reply as of yet.

I love the product .

Edited i came off wrong shooting from the hip.


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Copter, sorry to hear that your frustrated. We have a Contact Us form that is managed by a single individual. It's his entire job to respond to issues. Now, you may be experiencing a time delay because we receive dozens of messages per day. When you contact us, the disclaimer notifies you of this delay. We sure don't keep any of our operations or issues a secret.

There is no need to be harsh and rude - because we respond to everything. Including your publically negative post. And is important that I address your concern:) as I address everyone's concern.

We are growing. And due to demand of our product, growing doesn't happen at the flip of a switch. Hiring people takes time and money - and we are arranging both :). You're involved as a customer in a new startup. You're an early adopter. We make all of that available so you know why you're getting into. Now, because of our aggressive approach to development and customer support - we address your concern immediately.

I am a little hurt by your message because we try as hard as we can. However, due to access of limited resources, we don't have the people available to meet the demand.
DJ i didn't want to come off rude i really am sorry it offended you in that way please remove this post and i will wait to hear status of the order once email gets replied to.
New Zealand
Good on ya copter14...
DJ might remove it, but then he is so open and up front, often addressing issues as soon as they are posted that he might just not remove the post..... either way hang in there.... it will come!
There's no need to remove it:) I'm glad you spoke out and gave us a chance to respond. Many companies keep you out of the loop without addressing customer concerns. No matter how large we grow, it's important to put the customer first:)

This leads me to remember why customer support is so important - due to past experiences with other companies. It's quite frustrating working with companies who "just don't quite get it":)

For us, I know we are in a transitional state at EZ-Robot. We have a rock solid business plan, an amazing upcoming new product (don't worry, it's backward compatible) and a fantastic supporting community. Many of our product features are inspired by our community. I dislike using the word customer because you're more than that. We have a common goal:) and that's why we're here. Together as a group, we will bring robots to mainstream.

I know we can do it! It just takes believers like yourself.
Its like when the iPhone came out everyone wanted it so bad even a huge company like apple couldn't make the phones as fast as they sold. You can take a look at my tenure and experiences in the community by clicking under my avatar. I been here consistently for a year and a half or so. Believe me its worth the wait! Just next time you plan you order plan on the " catching up with demand delay" that can sometimes take 2 to 3 weeks to get produced and shipped out for such a sought after product. That delay doesn't always happen though I've gotten some really quick before. Its not smoke and mirrors , there's a reason there are so many repeat buyers. Right after you get your first kit you will already be dreaming up what your going to do when you buy your next one! ;) - Josh S
once it shipped it took 3 days from hong kong to Thunder Bay Ontario that was impressive.
I got lucky and found an ez complete here in the US. Mine is OTW and I should have it by Monday. It sucks so many people have been waiting for weeks. :-(