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Dj About The New Synthia

i see you said it will use EZ-NET i guess that meens it needs to be hook up to the internet,why can it be added to the ARC i think it will me much more faster
also with it have full emotions and displaying emotions or mostly a chat software


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The ARC emotion engine has 32 emotions. There will not ever be an LCD screen with an avatar - that is too 1980's for EZ-Robot:) *aka* max headroom hehe
Too bad because I have a LCD lol , just kidding. Emotions.sound great , are there options to attach a emotion to a servo output , for example a head tilt side to side to side or eyebrow a moving from mistral;) to upset with a servo? Just wondering what the mood changes might be able to affect. Woops, I just realized I asked the same question Robotmaker did but I asked in English.;)
i guess when it comes out ,will compare and see
where in the ARC is 32 emotions
Aren't emotions already available in a sense via the personality generator? Depending which is running is the emotion its in. I haven't personally tested it but it seems like that's how it could work. If so, then you could have as many emotions you can think of.
you meen there is LOVE or MAD or ANGRY and more,thats emotions i would like to see
emotions depends on the state of the robot,like if you dont speak to him for a long time he gets upset
and if you speak to him alot he be happy,or see's a person he doesnt like he gets scared

DJ will the software do that.thats what i meen about a robot having emotions
Except for person recognition, cant the rest be done via scripting. Depending on the sensory inputs, time of day, state of battery, etc it will adjust its personality that you program. However if this is about changing mood according to the conversation its having in Synthia then I can understand the need for an emotion state that can be pulled into other behavior scripts. EZ-B is getting better and better. Too bad I dont have funds to invest in your company.:( I really see it growing and getting more and more popular.
Thank you DJ for saying NO to Max Headroom!
i dont think all can be done in scripting
EzB looks like it great for persons starting in to robots and persons that are not programmers ,in in good robot designs large scale with a very good AI you need to be a very good programmer
I disagree now that we have DJ and his products. That's all I gotta say.
(in Yoda voice) "Size matters not"
best test you can do,instead of just comments that is may work or may not work
is to test SYNTHIA with some other AI software and see how it compares if it better ,or worse or about the same
REAL WORLD test is always the best

also you said there is emotions you can set in personality generator,i dont see any scripts or codes for them
You misunderstood my meaning. I mean you CREATE a personality and call it for example "happy" or "sad". The scripts are what you make it do to seem "Happy" or "Sad". For instance if I did it for Pinhead I would adjust servo speeds slower and droop its head more if he is sad because of lack of input for a given time. I could make it happy again if I say something it likes or touch its head then his personality will revert to happy will run during idle times. Head up and more talkative.
Im done talking about it and will let DJ explain so I don't say the wrong information but its how I understand it.
You can do anything in scripting, including creating another ARC. The c# control specifically is a full development environment. If anyone says something can't be done with ARC, get are wrong.:)
AI doesnt really work like that,if you look at the LEAF code about using emotions ,you will see alot more,other AI software is like that too
I think you are misunderstanding what I am replying too. All AI software or a spreadsheet software or a game or any software is written in a programming language. The programming language provides the user with unlimited options for designing their own application. ARC provides the user with pre-built multithreaded controls with interactive EZ-Script commands. The c# and control, for example, enables the user to extend the interface of ARC by creating their own controls. If you wanted to, the leaf thing can be written into ARC with the c# control. Ez-robot will not be implementing leaf into ARC - so i will not be responding to any leaf questions.

Every few weeks we release a new version of the ARC software. The software releases can be found on the ARC download page. Synthia and ez-net will be eventually merged in with ARC for a real AI experience.
With you wearing so many hats I dont know how you get it all done. KUDOS! (caps intended):D
D.J. Synthia is ALREADY in Beta testing. That is GREAT! I did not expect that so soon. Your Team is AMAZING!

Your Team has NEVER NEVER let us down. Kudos!

:D :D
C# is almost the exact same as c++
C# adds many new commands also

If there is a leaf forum, please use it for further leaf discussions. This forum is for ez-robot and ez-robot customers. Future Leaf posts will be moderated. Thanks!:)
I will also try to refrain from talking about LEAF. But, my idea was if it has been interfaced to the EZB, then that would mean more EZB sales. That is why I was talking about LEAF. I would like to see the both of them working together because they BOTH have good things to offer.

Would you like to be Updated on that portion of Leaf? -- the marriage between Leaf & EZB?


Leaf will need to use its own forum for discussions of its product. There are new ez-robot users who do not need this forum flooded with off topic discussions. All future posts regarding other applications will be moderated to provide a resourceful and friendly ez-robot experience.