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Also, it it possible to debug/step this code while ARC is running?

  1. I can add comments to the display popup plugin. However, i believe you would like to know what the override functions do. Please follow the plugin tutorial, which is instructed when editing your plugin. The tutorial will direct you to a template project, which includes glorious comments. In the meantime, use the plugin tutorial until i update the display popup with more comments for you. Here is a direct link to the tutorial:

  2. I will add Subject Tag for plugin - good idea

  3. Yes it is possible to debug code while ARC is running. Visual Studio is the most amazing development IDE that you will ever use. If you do not have experience with it, you're about to really really really like it. The built-in debugger can connect to existing pre-compiled applications, allowing your debug DLL to be debugged as well. Libraries (DLL's) are generally debugged by creating test units for your functions and methods. For more information, here are some links to help you...

Debugging DLL Projects

How To Debug from a DLL Project

How To Debug Native DLLs

Google Results


I ran through the tutorial no probs there. Started looking at pop up example to see how you communicate to the pulgin via EZ script.

I have googled how to debug a dll. Just wondered if you any specific best practices or techniques you liked.

I use vs 2015 enterprise and 2015 tfs at work. I agree vs is the Cadillac of ides.

Unfortunately, my specialty is data and middle tier using Web forms. Not windows forms.


Unfortunately, I have used in bad humor before. I'll assume that's not the case here...


lol no it was the only way I can share a Google link.

The best way that I use to debug libraries is to set the project to launch an external application. I set it to launch ARC. So when I press f5 to debug my library, it launches ARC in debugger.

Just right click on your project and select properties. Then go to Debug tab and select external application. And choose ARC.exe


I'll add a step to the tutorial tonight and let you know when I do


I got all that debugging worked out today after work. I was planning on adding a tutorial on debugging the plug in on the new tutorial section. If you give me a couple of days I'll save you the trouble.

I believe I got the very basics of plug in development grasped. Was passing values into a bar chart windows control in plug in container via an EZ script command control call.

I was a little unsure what your doing with that CF dictionary object in the pop-up display plug in example hence the request for code comments.

Over all I'm excited about the plug in container seems like the sky is the limit with that dude.



I was on a few airplanes today traveling and wrote some plugins. I'll be publishing them when I'm done dinner:)

Made a screen recorder. Made the tic tac toe work. Also a remote mouse plugin. And I'm moving the dynamixel control into a plugin so it is open source and people can tweak it - as its been a headache for me to maintain with their poor documentation:)


Okay the new plugins are online - and the Display has more comments if you re-download the source code.