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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Display Attributes Between Iphone And Ipad

Good Evening,

I created a mobile app and downloaded to my Iphone and IPad. The display text labels are correct on the Iphone and Mobile interface, however, on the Ipad, the text labels are cut short, letters and sometimes even words are missing.



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Are they both running the same ios version?

Have you extended the size of the label to accommodate both devices? That's one of the struggles with designing apps between different devices (tablets and phones). They're all different resolutions, so there are different apps per resolution.

You will need to create a single app that works for both, or make one for each device.

Welcome to the world of app UI designing:D
@DJ, yes sir, I have extended the field size. I have not found the "sweet spot" for the Ipad.

Both devices are on the same Ios, however, I just saw an update for my Ipad Air to 8.3

Thanks for the assistance, I will keep trying.