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We got as far as connecting the EZ-B to our wifi network and then connecting to the EZ-B on that network, however, as soon as I try to add a single servo to the Builder program, the EZ-B disconnects on it's own (does not generate disconnect tone) and says that it has successfully connected to the network. Once it has done this, we are not able to communicate with the servo, if I try to make the servo move, the debugging window pops up and says that the EZ-B has disconnected. Once I re-connect to the EZ-B I am able to move the servo I have just added, immediately after which the EZ-B disconnects AGAIN. Why does the EZ-B have to disconnect after every interaction from the builder program?

Also, I have reset the EZ-B and this behavior persists.

Any thoughts?


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What are you using for power supply? It is behaving like it doesn't have enough amps for the servo inrush current. Could just be low charge on the battwries, or could be insufficient amps due to an inappropriate power supply (if you are using a plug in supply rather than batteries, that would absolutely cause this symptom for most common plug in supplies).



That did it, the transformer we were using direct to the wall was not providing enough power, we connected a battery pack and it stopped the constant disconnects (for a bit) seems that the batteries started dying rather quickly, but this does answer the question. Unfortunately this does not appear to be viable for a classroom setting.


LiPo 2s (7.4v) rechargeable batteries provide the best performance. If you must have a bench power supply, you will need a 20amp one to handle the inrush current of multiple servos.

If you search the forum for inrush (or maybe in-rush) there are several posts and Jeremie recomends a good power supply to use in at least one of them.



@itclub, How many servos are you running? I have 26 servos on a robot and I power them with one 6 volt 7 amp battery. All of the servo positive and negative leads are connected to the battery and only the signal wire is connected to the EZB. This might help you. If you use this method make sure you have a ground wire between the battery and the EZB.