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Direct All Asounds To Pc Soundboard


I robot is a little out of order right now and can't talk. Is it possible to send all talk and sounds to the PC soundbord instead. Right now I can't hear the battery warning for example.

Best regards Niclas


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Use the PC soundboard (for wav and mp3 files) instead of the ezb4 soundboard and in scripts use Say("I am a robot") instead of sayezb("I am a robot")....

sayezb("I am a robot") #plays out through the ezb4 speaker

say("I am a robot") #plays out through your pc speakers


Thanks Richard, that solved the problem in my own scripts.

While no one has given a solution to my more general question I guess that it's not possible to redirect all sounds from the robot to another soundboard.


Hmmm, not sure I understand your question.... ARC has 2 sound boards to play wav and/or mp3 files only... One is the PC soundboard (plays through your pc speakers) and the second is the ezb4 soundboard (which plays through your ezb4 speaker)... Other sounds like text to speech (as mentioned) are played using the "Say" and "SayEZB" commands in scripts.... Were you talking about a third party soundboard like the MP3 Trigger? Was there any other sounds other than voice, wav or mp3 files you wanted to play?


The my battery is low message comes from the v4 itself. You can make a script to handle this also by using the $voltage variable. I am a not at a computer. I will post a script in a while if someone doest beat me to it.

The initial messages when you power up the v4 are also directly from the v4. You could recreate these in a script but I don't think you want to do that. Let me know if you do.


Ah, now I get it... duh!.... as David mentioned you can write a simple script to monitor battery voltage and using the "Say" command to report when the battery is low...

P.S. d. Cochran deserves the credit for this....


if($voltage < 6.5)
sayWait("My battery is low")

This could be started when the connection is made to the EZ-B by running this command from the connections control.

ControlCommand("Monitoring", ScriptStart)

The gear in the top right corner of the connection control will take you to a script that can be run when a connection is established.

This code would rerun every 10 seconds to check to see if the voltage is over 6.5 volts. If it is below or equal to 6.5 volts, it would say the warning message. I would change this to 7 volts to give you a chance to get back to x location prior to cutting out due to the battery being below 6.6 volts personally, but you can change the value as needed.

This is untested as I dont have access to anything really right now to test this script out.


That was a good piece of code. I actually did a small script my self but I didn't know how to execute it so I put it in personality list. Your solution with a loop and sleep is a much better solution.

Thanks a lot for good answers.