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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

Digital Port On/Off Status When Ezb Disconnected

I seem to remember that there's a way to set the EZB so digital port stay in OFF mode (current=0) once it is disconnected. I need such a feature. Does anyone knows? Rich... are you around?:)


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United Kingdom
I will find the post in a second but will just briefly answer first.

I did some tests a while back when I wanted an LED to light when the EZ-B was connected and a different one to light when it was disconnected. It turned out that the digital ports will turn to low/off/ground when the EZ-B is disconnected.

Having said that, on one of my EZ-Bs, the one in Melvin, from time to time, powering the EZ-B without connecting, some ports would be high (which sends Melvin in a frenzy spinning in circles).

I'll dig out the post and pop a link here in a second