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Digital On Off Timing Control Signal Delay

Can any one answer why when I connect the D2 5V to the D2 Signal the read digital control turns green indicating an on position. I immediately break the connection disconnecting the D2 5V and D2 Signal and the control stays green/on for an unknown period(approx 18 seconds) of time then goes red?

Interval is set to 100 milliseconds...

Why doesn't it go red the moment the connection between 5v and signal is broken?


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Okay, this is really starting to get annoying. I've moved to different digital pins. Similar results. Just plugging in some unconnected jumper wires triggers the digital on even just one jumper wire on the signal pin. Just lightly touching connected jumper wires triggers a digital on which then immediately turns off, this occurs on *all* digital pins.

I've visually inspected the underside of the board with a magnifying glass and all looks normal is this some kind of manufacturing defect or am I not understanding some basic electronics concept?
Apparently, I'm not understanding a basic electronics concept...? I looked up the Arduino push button switch and made the conversion to EZ-B. I still don't understand it, but the hookup of a switch is working correctly. So, please excuse blaming hardware instead of my own ignorance....

Any commentary on the above posts would be appreciated....
Anything above zero volts is considered ON. The static in the air, and static on your fingers will cause the port to be read as ON.

A pull-down or pull-up resistor is necessary for switched and reading digital:)