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New Zealand
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Digital Inline Multimeter

Hey DJ I've seen a number of videos with you using a small square inline digital multi meter.

Where did you get it from?

I have been looking for something similar.

- @Tameion


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United Kingdom
I have 2 on my coffee table in front of me. Ebay. Measures 3.2v to 30v and come in a range of colours.

He might mean this:

I use one similar... but smaller - I don't know where to get the one i use anymore. You can search ebay for a digital watt meter
United Kingdom
My bad, although the volt meter I posted can be handy too.

That Turnigy one is available at hobbyking
New Zealand
Nah it was this one...

@DJSures Has it got a label?
New Zealand
I Found it, I found it, I found it.... kinda gives my age away a bit if I remember that one.... he he he. Anyway thanks for the address.... already ordered. Job done and dusted.... I'll just have to wait another week until I have accumulated enough 'happy' funds to pay for three more EZ-B's and their postage.... not long now.

Why three.... well I was expressing my frustration to a friend that I only had the one EZ-B board and have to keep pulling it out for one project to use in another.... and I began to entertain the idea of replacing the risers on the EZ-B board with long ones going right through the board to make it like a shield that plugs into a holder/main board....

That way I could easily pull out the EZ-B and place it into another robot... or if the bot is naughty I can tell it to come here... turn around.... open your panel and give me your board.... then pull the board out.... he he he.

Just couldn't bring myself to risking damage to the only board I have.

Has anyone else done this?

Or could we ask for

User-inserted image
New Zealand
No one tried this?