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Different Amps


is the diff between0.26 amps to 0.45 amp much?its for a fan from power supply pc. mine broke and is normal 0.26 amps.i only found one 0.45 amp can i use this one,bolt 12 volt

thanks anyone


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That's only about 1/4 amp more than your old one. It should work OK.


@Anthony... curious why you think the fan would run faster if the voltage rating is the same? Amps would have nothing to do with speed. The only difference might be is in the manufacture (possibly different motor used). Doesn't mean it will burnout faster nor does it mean it will run at a different speed... Nomad never mentioned the name of the manufacture of the fans so how do you know what it will and won't do?

@Nomad... Listen to Doc, that fan will work just fine for you...


The reason it would run faster is because it may be a bigger motor. A bigger motor means it will pull more amps. However the bigger motor doesn't really mean it won't last as long. That depends on the quality of the motor.


i put the new fan in works great little more noise. so pc is complete clean,new cool paste bruched and vacumed. original was 0.26 amp new one is 0.45 amp