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Differences Between Old And New V4 Cameras

I just received my new Revolution Six robot I got through Brookstone. (Paid only $150 for it on sale!)

How can I tell if it has the new V4 camera included? I have an older V4 camera that I got when V4 Revolution started shipping (years and years ago. LOL) and do see a few differences. Mostly only text printing on the little boards though.

DJ did say in a post yesterday that all the Revolution robots would be shipped with the nex upgraded camera but I'm afraid the old stock will have to be used up before we start seeing the upgraded camera. This may be the case for me.


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Hey Dave - All robots at the Brookstone stores are the old version of the camera. All robots shipping from EZ-Robot moving forward will have the updated camera. Resellers that still have old stock will obviously have the previous camera. I believe Robot Shop, Tablet Academy and Nuyttens have inventory with the new camera already - along with a few education distributors that aren't listed.


OK, thanks for settling that. I kinda thought this would be the case. No biggie.

However, could someone please run through the visual differences of each camera? If I buy another one I want to make sure I have the latest version.


Thanks RR. I read in a recent thread that these LED's change color depending on the state of the camera. Maybe a troubleshooting aid? Wonder if the changing colored LED's are new to the new version camera?

This question seems to be being avoided. Wonder why? Maybe I should drop it till the old stock sells out?


They are one piece now with a big heat sink on the back... they are also easier to remove from the plastic casing...


Sorry dave, what question is avoided?

Is it the difference? There's a lengthy thread regarding the difference of the cameras. I'm on my phone and can't provide a link. I wrote extremely long details - sure hasn't been avoided :)


Thanks Guys. Got it now.

Sorry didn't mean to sound accusing. After I reread my statement I can see how it would seem that way.


Not at all - I'm quite transparent and pride myself in answering questions :)

The "new" camera may have some enhancements, but it's not a new version of the camera. Due to a number of similarities, including casing, protocol, resolution, etc.. we refer to it as a Rev 2, not a whole new camera.

If the question of the RGB LED colors has been unanswered - that's because I don't think we have that documented yet for customer support :D. I know that each color means something in the boot-up sequence, but off the top of my head, i don't know. That's mostly because the camera will actually return an error message to ARC if there are problems. So the RGB led is really only for testing at the factory, because any errors you come across will be displayed on the ARC camera control.