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Did Not Realize ARC Would Do This

I was experimenting with ARC Speech Recognition and found something that surprised me. Others I am sure have noticed this....
Speech Recognition still works without the EZ-B hooked up !
I was using the PlayAudio() function where it looks up an mp3 file on your computer and plays it. ARC was still open and Speech Recognition continued to work even though the EZ-B was powered down(unplugged). It still played the song when I spoke the correct phrase.

That was cool :D


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The mic is on your pc and not the EZ-B. ARC doesn't need to be connected to the EZ-B to work unless you are querying ports on the EZ-B.

Most of the development that I do for my robot uses ARC disconnected from the EZ-B. It is a pretty sweet deal.
Super Cool :D
I must say it is very good also. It could understand my commands from several feet away and with the TV on in the background. The TV did trigger an audio file every now and again. Seems it likes the band - Journey. :P