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Developers Kit Camera


Just a quick question about Camera/Ultrasonic Distance Sensor in Developers kit. I have searched for the Camera/Ultrasonic Distance Sensor cover's and none are available even at authorized dealer's and on your site. I might suggest that the cover's and or case's be added to the kit due to open motherboards. Individual purchase of both item's include the case/cover but not the more expensive Developers kit. Purchased the Revolution Roli Chassis at Robotshop and want to mount properly and securely.



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That's what the developer kit is:) - for developers. The casing is for revolution robots, as it contains the clip'n'play connections.

You can always Contact Us to get the plastic case for revolution robots - or 3D print a case using the design files in the 3D printing section of this website.


Thanks' for reply Dj


The process of getting cases through customer support is easy and quick. I needed several cases for my EZb V4's. I got a very quick response to my customer service email request and they arrived here in the USA from Canada in about a week. They were very helpful. The price asked was not unreasonable. ;)

You may need to link to this post to get the process started. Can't remember. blush