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Hi @jstarne1,

We also win on the shipping. $5.00 Ron R


@Future Ez Robot builders Mom, It's still available at that price as of now. Go for it. Nothing wrong with overdoing things on Xmas. I'm sure he was a good kid and deserves it.


Lol we got him Adventure bot for his birthday in September, grandma is getting him Mip for Christmas...sis in law is getting him a kit to build 14 solar powered robots. He will most likely get the developer kit next year. Mom and dad have to figure out what he has/is getting before we add too the obsession. ;) But we will be crossing our fingers for a good sale on it later.


Right now Brookstone is running a buy one get one sale on the servos and sensors so now is the time to stock up! I bought up what they had here. Wasn't a lot though. My contact at the store here also told me that starting tomorrow the Six will be on sale for $200! Get one while you can. They may sell out quickly. Heck it's worth getting one for the parts alone.


Thanks for that info. Grandpa and Aunt were looking fo inexpensive ideas and we were able to get plenty of new things to help build and create more ideas but on their budgets.:) They know he will use every piece and not get bored after a day. He already is experimenting best location for his camera. Lol. Extras will make it all the more fun.


@Future Ez Robot builders Mom This $200 Six deal is really great. Half price. I've ordered myself a couple already. Not that I need 2 of them, but one will be converted to a Galapagos bot. A lot cheaper than getting a Galapagos bot as such. Anyway, I was thinking I could order yet another one and send it along to your little budding robot creator if you would like. Just have it shipped directly to your address, with a tag saying "From Santa." Of course you can change it to whatever you like, such as from the grand parent(s), that's fine.

I realize there are any number of reasons you would not want to do this so if you would rather not, that's fine also. After all you don't know me from Adam and I understand that. Won't hurt my feelings in the least in any event. And if the kid doesn't believe in Santa any longer, tell him he is wrong. wrong, wrong! :D Heck, even I still believe in (the concept of) Santa Claus and I don't mind being him from time to time.

Anyway, if you would like to do that, let me know and I'll post a "throw-away" email address here that you can send a test message to so I can then send you my real email address so as to arrange everything.



Oh my goodness that would be amazing! Honestly as a Kindergarten teacher the budget is not there for the extra like this right now. I am in shock. He does belive in santa and wow if you seriously want to do that I think I would cry because we try to show him that Santa tries to spread happiness and joy. And this would bring him so much joy.


@Future Ez Robot builders Mom

Excellent! The temporary e-mail address is:

It will be valid for 23 hours. Just send an email to it. Doesn't matter what it says, just be sure to include a valid email address for me to send you my real address. We can go from there.

Too bad this forum doesn't have Private Messaging. It would make things much easier.


Don't want to go too far off topic.... But, another vote here for private messaging if DJ sees this. Although I prefer having you code ARC than forum updates, I think private messaging would add a lot of value. Sometimes you just need to have a conversation with someone that is not public, or make sure someone sees a post. Some of us (like me) put our email addresses in our profiles, but there is always a risk to that in being a vector for spam or unwanted communication that is harder to prevent than blocking someone in private messaging that most forums support.



I am with you Alan. Maybe DJ Sures can add messaging. Don't need it all the time but hate taking over a board. If I knew another way I would gladly do it.


Well darn. Okay, I'll send to that email address right now.