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Delivery Time

Hi DJ.

August 19. I was charged for the EZ ROBOT, which I ordered some days before.

The device hasn't shown up yet!!!

I've tried to get in touch with "Amy"? to get some information, but she seems to be out of reach.

Any news?

;-) Got it today september 15. (Posted by ez-robot august 23.!!)

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Hello Anders, I am having the same problem. I was charged on August 19 also. Still no EZ-B. I lost my patients yesterday and fired off some e-mails. No responce as of yet. It must be Canada-Post. I am actually glad to hear that someone else is haveing the same problem because I was beginning to think it got lost. I sure hope we get our orders soon. The antisipation is killing me.


Well, my EZ-B was awaiting me on my arival home.


Ive ordered a while ago as well but Ive heard that there were issues going on outside of thier control. For example the Canadian Post.


I am having the same problem. I order it on September 1, 2011 I was charged on Sept 2 and I still don't have it. I have order servos from Hong Kong on Sept 1 and I have the now.

I cannot find a number to call about my order.


We have the same problems but it is best to ask them through their Facebook page. I ask them yesterday and got a response the following day so try asking them through Facebook. You can post there when you ordered the boards and somebody will tell you if your orders have been shipped or when it is going to be shipped. I ordered my on August 22 and they say that it is either shipped yesterday or it will be shipped today.


Thanks Raymond. I will do that.


I've also ordered things from China and received them rather quickly considering it went to USA then to Military Air back to Qatar. I've ordered a long time ago and shipped a long time ago. See status:

448 8/11/2011 2:05:57 PM $99.00 Step 3) Shipped

and oh...I cant get Facebook at work.