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Delivery Times To Europe?

Hi everybody,

I'm really eager to play with my EZ Bot. Does anyone have experiences with the delivery times to Europe?

Cheers, Peter


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United Kingdom

Hi peter

I got my EZ-B kit in 5 days . Realy fast IMHO.

hope that helps



Probably shouldn't listen to me, but i got my ez-b after 6 weeks, but it turns out that was because of a canada post problem :D

It's definately worth the wait though!


:D Thanks guys. That is a precise estimate: Somewhere between 5 days and 6 weeks. Since it's been around 8 days since I ordered mine, it should be here aaaaaaany minute now :)


@peterfrisch keep in mind that doesn't include weekends. also Canada has Easter holiday this past weekend, which may delay your parcel a day or two (which i doubt because it would have left canada by then)


United Kingdom

Hi Again.

I guess mine must of came by rocket propelled dog sled .



depends the country..... I got my EZb after 5 weeks...


@DJ: Same here with the easter holidays, so no matter if it was still in Canada or already in Germany, it wouldn't have moved in those days. I'm just so excited :)


Judging only based off other reports of delivery Times , I would say you could expect it in.3 to.4 weeks.


Oh boy ... that will be loooong weeks ...


Lol I understand man , we all been there


The only good thing about this is: I have more time to think of ideas, what to do with it. Right now, I don't really have an idea what the bot is supposed to do or look like ...


Hallo Peter, ich habe meine EZ-B jetzt auch seit ein paar Wochen und ich habe das Problem dass die Speed Recognition nicht funktioniert. Hast Du die Sprachsteuerung schon getestet?

Vielen Dank für Deine Hilfe. Sven