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Defective Servo?

Hi, I have Six and it was working perfectly until just recently. One of the servos doesn't seem to be getting a signal or isn't responding. It was on port D1 so I swapped it for the servo on port D4. No luck. I opened it up to see if there was an obvious issue. All of the wires are soldered to the board. Any suggestions?

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@Tom... If doing the usual... saving your project... closing ARC, powering down Six and rebooting doesn't fix it... try just creating a new simple project with one control... a vertical or horizontal servo control and see if it responds to that... If not you may need to Contact Us to see if there is anything they can do....
I tried all of the different example projects and rebooted several times. I swapped ports on the EZ-B just to make sure it wasn't the EZ-B. I think I tried everything. That's why I suspect the servo died.
@Tom... you may be right.... best to Contact US... Worst case scenario, the servos are only $12, so at least it's not the end of the world type problem...:)