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Dear Ez Think Tank Help For Lift Design

Guys I am working on something and need some ideas/help to make a easy lift system.

I want to raise a periscope (yes it is for my R2 unit) out of the dome... However, I am not putting a "periscope" there it will be empty "slot" for different things (not figured that aspect out yet either)

So really I need to figure out how to have a small lift system inside the dome that will move up to a predefined height then back down via the EZ robot controller...

I am thinking this might be done using the EZ HD servos I have in combo with light wood levers on a track maybe? I thought about some kind of pulley lift system at one point ... but I dont think the modified servo will be easy to regulate when proper height is reached and the trip back down ..

Any help/ideas?

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A linear actuator is the ideal thing you need. If you only need a couple inches of movement, then this is an easy solution linear servo

If you need a longer throw, you can get bigger ones, but they tend to be motor driven and so need an H-bridge to activate.

I have seen some big robots use automobile retractable radio antennae (needs a pretty beefy H-bridge and 12V power) but can extend about 3 feet from a 7" or 8" device.

Playing on your idea of a modified servo, there are sail winch servos available that can move more than 360 degrees, but do have a stop point (from what I have seen usually 2.5 - 3 rotations), or you might be able to use a modified servo and some kind of clutch mechanism to release your winch when fully retracted or extended.



Oh, for a fairly slow extension of just a couple of inches, I saw someone make a linear actuator out of a modified servo and the mechanism from a deodorant container.



nice ideas guys thx:) I am trying to stay away from linear actuators ( really $$ ) and I have no clue how to use them with the EZ B.


The one I linked to works just like a servo, but it has a fairly short throw and is $90, so there is that....



lol:) yea my wife would go bananas


User-inserted image So this steaming pile of junk is a test idea I am going to try out


Looks like a good concept. You will want something at the extents to act as limit switches so you don't keep running the modified servo after it reaches the end and strip the gears or worse, but this is a great start.