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Dc Motors - Will My Ez-B Support? Or

I just got my EZ Kit and I am SO excited.

I decided on this base. http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/761

I then saw the 2.5 Amp Motor Controller. I am a bit curious. Will my EZ-B support the two DC motors or do I need this motor controller?


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@sfoy you will need a motor controller. The EZ-B is "5 volt logic" output/input. The ports cannot provide enough current to power a motor directly, which is why you will need a motor controller.

Today is a Canadian holiday, if you placed your order this weekend, it will ship tomorrow. If you'd like to add the motor controller, you may purchase it now and select "Pickup" as the shipping method and i'll make sure it's put into your parcel for tomorrow.

Awesome, I just placed my order but I chose air since I am not local to pick it up.

Thank you for your prompt response.

That was super thoughtful of you dj , way to go