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Dc Motor Position Control


If I have a set of DC motors with encoders already soldered with the intentions of obtaining position control instead of continuous rotation. would I still need to run an H-bridge or can I hook the dc motors with encoders directly to the ez-b without and h-bridge and get the results I am looking for?

Thanks in advance.


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You always need an hbridge for motors and high current items. The EZ-B will be damaged it you connect it to a motor directly. If you're using encoders, the kangaroo and sabertooth are the best.


DJ Sures

Thank you for the reply. I Am Attaching The Link For The Motors I Want To Use Just To Make Sure They Will Work With The EZB and H-bridge. They are a cheap Chinese brand however for what I need them for they are perfect. Also did I read correctly that 1 h-bridge will power 2 motors so I would need 3 h bridges for the 5 motors or did I misunderstand that part?


I'm using these motor drivers: