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Darth Jader Software

is there comming a darth jader for download?
and the helmet for 3d printing.


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You download apps using the EZ-Cloud

Learn more about ARC by clicking on the software tab from the top menu of this website

If you see a word in blue, that means you can click on it
The apps for the robots are also listed in the youtube video descriptions
Yes DJ, I saw your App project for the AT-AT starwars robot walker in the app downloads,also, terrific video you did on the Starwars bots! It was fun to actually see the AT-AT walking coming alive. I was interested at how you described building the legs with new servos and I had no idea you put some much work to modify it. I may still try it too,as that bot is gigantic and would make a great robot dog pet.
withs eyes did you use?
normal jd eyes.
Normal jd eyes

Thanks Mike

We have a building video planned for July. There's 20+ videos waiting to be released this month
can i get the stl files from the head or a link.
will there be a molded version of darth jader come out?
head or complete.