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Cyberdyne Inc Robotic Suite And Ratheon 3 Robotic Suite

You can YouTube videos of this and it's pretty cool. There's also a Ratheon 3 suite from USA that tracks body movement with enough speed and precision that you can see a video of it boxing. Super cool. I will link a couple videos. They are very inspirational projects. When you research the beginnings of where both these suites started they used off the shelf simple items and used medium sized motors at the joints to make it happen.

One of the first things that made me want to post is the companies name. CYBERDYNE INC , really lol ? They took their name from the Terminator movie and the movie "I Robot" took their name from a real company . SMH


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I hope they have hardware stops on there, wouldn't want that crushing my bones *blush* cool bot though!
Lol , can you imagine the test dummies the first few oops moments?
That'd be easy to do with the EZ-B:D