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Cyber Monday

Well just ordered a load of Hardware thanks to Cyber Monday :)

PayPal was struggling but worked in the end


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I too have taken advantage of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale however not purposely (in fact, I was going to wait until tomorrow since the order was paid for by store credit - I feel kind of bad about taking advantage of the discount).

My order has 29 items in it, one of which is the scorpion bundle, plus a bunch of servos and a load of extension blocks so lots of servos and extension blocks to play with:) (project inspired by V's robotic arm, info coming soon)

I also picked up a few things elsewhere over black Friday. Maplin had the I Spy Tank from Happy Cow for £30 so I grabbed one hoping to hack the WiFi... it was easier to remove the guts and throw an EZ-B in there (another project with info to follow soonish) and I was tempted by a few other things such as the MIP which was on offer at Maplin and Amazon but I also have bills to pay so had to draw the line.

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Wow Rich 29 items. I also saw the I Spy tank in Maplin tempting I must say Hope I don't get stung on the import tax too much.

No idea what I'm going to build yet but I fancy something I can control with Siri and tweets


I ordered another rotation servo that I decided I needed over the weekend, but I now realize I need yet another one, and I am thinking of ordering some other stuff just to make the shipping worth it, and since I know I will probably want some other bits later anyway.

I wish the 5v regulator was in the store. I need a few for the servos from my v3 developer kit, and a few other gizmos I want to try to make.


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Well it's actually (if you split the scorpion bundle down); 15 Lever Servos 4 Rotation Servos 2 Grippers 1 Hexapod Foot 9 Large Extension Blocks 9 Small Extension Blocks

Most of it's extension blocks so not quite as big an order as 29 items makes out to be (but those blocks will be the most necessary parts).

After the last 6 months I've had with everything going wrong (not including the awesomeness that was the Revolution robots and some other goodies turning up - that's what kept me sane!) I figured I needed some more stuff to cheer me up.

As for the I Spy Tank, it's not that great to be honest. Good for a few minutes in stock mode but that's it. There are no details on hacking it online either other than the web server username/password which are pretty much useless anyway (can edit wireless settings but if you do you can't use the app). If I had the patience (and hadn't broken the wifi board when taking it apart) I would have sniffed out the wireless data to see what's what but alas, I broke it so the EZ-B V4 is in place of the original board, the camera is (hopefully) going in the old camera spot and a H-Bridge runs the original motors fine when running on the 6xAA batteries which I reused to power the EZ-B... As soon as I exterminate the little b*****d of a rat that has made it's home in my loft I'll be posting a project.

Anyway, I digress. Hopefully the 20% off has spurred more people on to getting some EZ-Bits and we will see some awesome projects made from them soon:)


Even without the 20% off, that scorpion set is a good deal even if you don't need the grippers and tail. Just the servos alone individually come to more.


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Well what excellent news my Cyber Monday order arrived yesterday all the way from Dougguan, China. Very speedy service and the bits I have look like a quality product.

Now to build something


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Nice:) Mine has not long ago changed to shipped so next week (hopefully before Christmas) I should get the parts needed for my magical machine that can do something nothing else can (well that's the plan anyway!)