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Customization Of Web Server - Is It Possible?

When using the HTTP web server remotely, it provides options to display the whole Remote Control page, or just the individual controls, like a movement panel, camera JPG page, script console, etc. My question is, is it possible to be able to custom design or customize the web interface with the items that I specifically want and build a web page specific to those items? In essence, I would like to be able to fully customize the web page to my own look and feel.

Additionally, if the web server already has separate pages for say the "movement control panel," without the option of customization of that specific page, (for example, what if I want to remove the menu hyperlink) then what would be the use of a separate movement control page in the first place on the web server?

I would like to be able to build my own user graphical interface using what EZ-B already has available. Is this possible? I would also like to feed the camera display (full feed - not just the JPG snapshots) into another webpage along with other specific controls without showing the whole remote control screen. What is the best way to go about this with the EZ-B controller and software available?

Is it possible to have access to the EZ-B Web Server at the code level itself, so we can play with the HTML code?


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Have a look at NodeJS, it may be what you are after.
That or use the SDK to build objects that are called from a Web interface that would be able to do anything you want to do. The SDK is based on .net.