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Crazy Idea... Quadro Stair Climber?

Yeah that's right... I built a prototype concept out of cardboard and popsicle sticks, but I'm going to now have to save up for the Mechano set (eBay) and 18 servos...

In the mean time I'm going to have to try to break down some math to know exactly which servos and how much torque they will need. I wish there was an easy chart with servos make/model, their weight and their torque with a link to the cheapest place to buy them.

Anyone know of such a site? haha Wish me luck! :P



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Dahman is on a stair climbing mission - cool. Ask Richie at Richies RC and Robotics (google for his website).He might know the best approach for such a task and where you can track down the kind of servo's you will need. Im really intrigued by this as there are a few flip tread vehicles and 6 wheel bumpers that can get up them - but there is still nothing around that climbs stairs really well so good luck with it - I for one will be watching with huge interest


Great... pressure haha

Well I could end up moving somewhere in Canada (location unknown as of yet) so we'll see if I get the cash to burn :D

Just want to ask though,any other recommendations for a collection of parts for a very custom build?

The meccano sets I see on eBay are fairly cheap for a variety of girders. ~$20 shipped. That should give me the lanky parts I require unless anyone else has a suggestion for similar parts?



There are no rules in this game - if it were me, I would study steps (treads and risers) their common dimensions and how I would move up from one step to the other (legs, wheels, jumping sticks - whatever) . Once you decide that - it's a case of the best size to achieve the climb and what your payload will be (Battery & weight of the robot). Once you get past this phase your ready for the parts. I would be looking at plastics and aluminum or anything that is light and strong. Finally use your imagination, don't get stuck on things like Lego or meccano. Check out other robots that climb steps on youtube to get ideas. Good luck


i built my robot for stair climbing out of a rc rock crawler User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Pittom, can you get a video of your robot in action, it looks amazing ! Here is one that combines conventional wheels with a push..very clever


Great Robot Pittom - Ok Daman, you started this thread and you've seen what can be done - go for it !


Well I don't think mine will be nearly as fast but the goal is to do it without any wheels at all... We'll see!

Of course now I just thought of another cool design for movement, but I need more servos! haha


i was going to use tracks but my house is not one floor