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Counter Script

Could any of you fine folks please post an example script of a counter. The "counted number" would be contained in a $string value?

Thanks WayneA


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A little more info is needed really as we have no idea what increases the count. Also, technically a string is alphanumeric not numeric so couldn't be a counter.

But make the script from the following elements...

First define and set the variable

$counter = 0

Have your script do whatever needs doing and when the counter needs increasing by one use


So, for instance, if you wanted something to loop 100 times the code would be

$counter = 0

RepeatWhile ($counter < 100)

But if you wanted the counter to count how many times the camera started tracking it would be

$counter = 0

IF($CameraIsTracking = 1)


@Rich Thank You for the quick response. What you have provided gave me the answer I was looking for.