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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Copy And Paste Multiple Blocks In Blockly

I would like to request a copy and paste for large amounts of blocks in Blockly. Maybe it's already available but I haven't been able to find it. It would help speed things up rather than a line by line duplicate.


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Ok I understand and will be working within the system by putting a loop around my multiple individual blocks duplicate them and then just take off the loop.
Thanks again,
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Or create functions. That way you can loop the function. Sounds like you’re working on some neat things over there:)
Yes I am, I guarantee you would get a kick out of the things I am doing. A big part of this is your knowledge to bring all these things together on one platform and all work together. This coming year I plan on tackling getting GPS to work within centimeter accuracy for a reasonable price which will open many new doors
Will you be publishing a robot showcase one day with your project? I'm very intrigued. Any hints at what it is?
You have my email address, I think it's probably about that time that we started talking.
A little teaser- last month it was a fully automated wood lathe. I had a job that my typical supplier wanted nothing to do with because the material was Ipe (they make beach decking out of this because it's rock hard and lasts forever), it is one of the hardest and makes the nastiest dust there is. Had no choice but to make lathe and accessories myself-all from scratch. Material feeder was automated and could hold 25 square blanks at a time and feed a new one when previous one finished.Tailstock was automated with pneumatics to move in and out as material was loaded and unloaded. Dust collection had to move up and down to get out of the way for cutter and sander. With this material almost every bit of dust needs to be collected because as I learned early on it stains a ceiling pink and does not come off. It also had automated moving sander to give the spindles a perfect finish. I had to make 800 of them and each spindle took three minutes to make. I watched them being made from my living room with a baby monitor.
Wow. That sounds amazing. What a process! I'd love to get an opportunity to see that thing work. Just the thought of designing and building a machine like that boggles my mind. Respect!
Thanks Dave, appreciate it. I saw some of your cool videos on youtube -so right back at you.