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Cooling Grill

hi.does any have a link from the coolong grill (part) thats on the ez-b4 .
i dont mean the fan ;but the part where the fan comes on.

fan grill


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United Kingdom
V4? You mean the V3? It's just a couple of heatsinks for the voltage regulators.
hi rich

its not for the fan?

United Kingdom
I don't understand what you are asking, you linked to the V3, we have very few details of the V4 and from what we do have, what you are asking is irrelevant. I can only assume you mean the V3 not the V4 otherwise this has no relevance at all.

The fan is an optional add-on to the V3 boards if the regulators get too hot. The heat sinks are not for the fan, the heat sinks are there to help keep the regulators cool-ish. It is not a fan grille. A fan is not part of the EZ-B.
i dont have the ez-b4 yet.
just asking if i need the heatsink for the fan to use.
United Kingdom
The v4 won't need one.