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Resolved Resolved by thetechguru!

Controller Stuck In Client Mode

I unboxed a new hexapod kit yesterday. It was working fine until I switched from AP Mode to Client Mode. Now the controller is stuck in Client Mode and will not reset. (Note: Performance was herky-jerky in Client Mode, so I wanted to switch back to AP Mode where it ran smoother.)

I have pressed the reset button on the controller but it does not respond as seen in the tutorial video nor does it reset.

I have tried to switch to AP Mode via the EZ Builder interface. The software gives a message to cycle the power on the robot. After turning the power off and on, the robot stays in Client Mode.

I am running Windows 7.

The EZ-Robot website says to seek community assistance before this can be turned into a warranty claim.

Thank you.


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How long are you pressing the reset button (try a full 15 seconds)? Is it powered on when you are resetting (it needs to be)?

When you press the reset button, are you feeling/hearing it click? It is subtle, but there. What are you pressing it with? A pen? You might want to try something thinner like a push pin to make sure the case is not obstructing your access.

I will try the full 15 seconds. I'm not positive I held it that long.

Yes, it was powered.

I did feel/hear the click. I was using the metal tip of a mechanical pencil.

Maybe try a paper clip and push firmly? Maybe the reset button is faulty. Does the ez-b do anything when you press it?
The ez-b doesn't do anything when the button is pushed.

The button is being clicked but, later today, I will go ahead and try a small paper clip when I do the 15 sec hold suggested by thetechguru.

This morning I pushed and held the reset button on the controller for 15 seconds as well as 20 seconds. There was no response from the controller. I used a paper clip.
I suggest going back to the Contact Us page and file a warranty claim referencing this thread. It seems to me that perhaps there is a bad solder trace to the reset button, or something even more serious. EZ-Robot will take care of you.

Sounds like the reset button may have come loose or broke - never had that happen before!:) As Alan mentioned, Contact Us and refer the URL to this thread.

Also - if you are changing the mode in the Web Interface, ensure either the password field is empty and OPEN is selected -or- the password meets the required length.

If neither of those are resolved, the mode will not change.
I left the password field empty and Open was selected.

I will go ahead with the Contact Us.

Thank you for your help.