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Control Ezb From Mobile

Hi I would like to know if it s possible to use app mobile to control ezb from my iphone without using wifi.? I would like to use web browser( app mobile) from my iphone to launch camera. I found a tutorial to do that from my ipad or iphone but the phone have to be connected to the ezb by wifi. Is it possible to do that without using the wifi and use directly the box to access to the ezb. Is it clear? If it s possible, does it exist a tutorial? Christophe


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Hi CochranRobotics First thank you for your reply and your help. i understand the client mode and the Toolsto find the suitable IP address but when i m on the iPhone app and when i try to scan an IP trere is no IP adress. Is it possiblle to define an IP fix to avoid it to scan and be faster ? Does ezb have a specific range of IP address because, the scan doesn't it find the ip on the network. ( when the ezb has connected to the network in client mode, he said " i have succeeded connected to the network") My ezb is EZB V4

topic read : for this tutorial ".....102/1" im stopped to the step 'IP finder'. The P finder doesn't find ip of the ezb....

When i read all the topics, i'm wondering if someone have ever could connected in client mode.... but i guess than yes confused

I used too a program "Angry IP scanner" and i get the same result.

last think, in the app iPhone, when i scan the ip address. i have the following message : "listening for EZ-BV4 x/2 devices". To access by this way, you don't need to have this update...?



There is no need to have the x/2 update to use the EZ-B V4 on a network.

As to assigning a specific IP address to the EZ-B, you can do this through your router by assigning it to a static DHCP address. How to do this depends on your router/dhcp server. You would be able to find the device in your DHCP leases and then assign it as a static DHCP lease. Your DHCP section of your router should also show you the IP address.

The EZB scans the 4th octet of the network that your computer has for its IP address. For example, if your computer has an ip address of, the scanner will start at and go to You can change the scan to start at a different IP address and go through an specified stop range.

The benefit to the x/2 upgrade is that the EZ-B will broadcast its ip address and it will show up in the box that you had mentioned. This prevents you from having to scan for the IP address.

If you can let me know what router you use, I can search online for the documention for that router and let you know where to look for the IP address. I think what is happening is that the DHCP scope is outside of the range stated above. For example, your pc is on say and your DHCP scope is at through

Thanks David


Hi David it will be nice to have your help. I use free box to connect ezb to my PC. i found the document about the IP address but i need to know the MAC address of the EZB..

Christophe confused


David you are very nice with me i just need how to find the mac adresse of my ezb. Christophe


You should be able to see the mac address in the DHCP leases section of the router. it will look something like two digits then : then two digits the : repeating about 10 times or so.

I don't remember if it is possible to see the mac address from the EZ-B's webpage by connecting directly to the EZ-B or not but I don't think it was visible. The best place to look would be in the DHCP leases list on the router.


"DHCP Clients list" may be what they call the DHCP Leases section. I have been looking through their usergroup discussions to try to find screenshots but haven't found any yet.


OK David and thank you very much

i found your discussions

With all the informations, i going to find a way but thank you a lot for your help. If i found a solution i will describe the way to found MAC address.

Until now, I just have the SSID of the EZ-B V4 Christophe


Well By using the router of my box "freebox" i found the mac adress the IP address given by my box. I can confirm the suitable ip adress by insert it in the bowser. In client mode with the ip adress, i get the folowwing page.

User-inserted image

But when i try to use the IP finder of ARC to detect th IP, it doesn't find it and it s the same history when i try to scan the ip from the app mobile of my iPhone.

I think i'm going to let it down because i really don't know to do.

it's seems to be like if the ip adress was well set but no application could catch it. .... confused confused sick stress

i'm going to do a last thing. Is to define ip fixe in my routeur with the mac address....



In the connect box in ARC, you can just specify the IP address instead of use the scan tool with a :23 at the end.

If this doesn't work (which it should) then it looks like something in the firewall settings of the router is blocking port 23 from communicating on your network. Since everything would be inside the firewall, it would look like the router has a bad configuration or a configuration that is blocking things from communicating internally. It might also be a firewall on the phone I suppose, but I doubt it since you can connect in AP mode to the EZ-B from the phone.

** EDIT ** Is your phone connected to your wifi network? You could try to connect to the EZ-B from your computer to see if the issue is on the network or not.


David when i come back in mode AP with my ihone in mode wifi. there is no probleme. i can access to the APP mobile. My network seems to works fine. am i alone in this cas ? Christophe ?


So, from a PC, can you connect to the EZ-B in Client mode?


So the EZ-B is working on the network. Is the cell phone on your network via wifi? You should now have the IP address of the robot as it shouldn't change. If you disconnect from the EZ-B on the PC now, and if you cell phone is on the network, you should be able to connect to the robot from the phone using the same IP address that the ARC software on the PC used to connect to the EZ-B.


If this doesn't work, then check your IP address on your phone. It is possible that the phone is getting an IP address that is outside of the normal DHCP scope and that the router isn't allowing traffic to communicate from that ip to the DHCP range of addresses. This would be a very rare situation, but I suppose it is possible.



when i try to scan the ip from the app mobile of my iPhone.

if you are you using :

  1. Mobile>Connection

User-inserted image

then: >Scan

User-inserted image

Only works with EZB4 V2 you have an EZBV4 V1.


Right, but he knows the IP address so he should be able to enter it and have it connect without any issue

**EDIT, but good point. The scanner on the phone software only works with the 4 x/2 now. I hadn't realized this because all of my EZ-B's have been upgraded.


if you tried Alan's tip:


You can download and install "Fing - Network Scanner" from the Apple app store.

  1. power on your EZB4 wait for a successful connection sound and (Green Light)
  2. call the app (finger)
  3. wait a few seconds
  4. Press Refresh icon (top right), sometimes the app caches the results
  5. wait a few seconds
  6. look the IPs detected.

you will have a screen like this:

User-inserted image

Red: EZB4 (v1) listed as Bluegiga Technologies (wifi v1 chipset maker)

Green: EZB4 (v2) listed as Shangai MXChip (wifi v2 chipset maker)


hi ptp i followed exactly your recommandation and i can see on my iPhone the : generic bluegigatech with 1- IP address 2- mac addres so i retuned on the app mobile on my iPhone without wifi and fill the ip adress and clicked directly on connect.

User-inserted image

and... Connection error. unable to connect to ez-b.....

so....i rebboot the ez-b again activate the wifi on my iphone perform fing to see the IP and the line Generic was there but desable.....

So.... i closed all my iPhone app. i rebooted the ezb i perform fing to get the ip address ok ( (bluegiga activate) i performed app mobile on the iPhone i inputed the ip and clicked on connected

and... Connection error. unable to connect to ez-b.....

it's incredible this story.....


looking to your picture: Connected Wifi SSID n/a/ ?

What's the name of your wifi SSID ?


This user has the original EZ-B v4 which does not work with scanning as defined in the Device Discovery window. The original user should upgrade with the newer EZ-B v4/2 Comm Upgrade

User-inserted image


hi DJ sures You don't need to upgrade the EZB to connect the device by iPhone ? i need to upgrade only if i want to scan the network ? That should works without upgrading the EZ-b ?

for PTP, with or without the wifi, the result is the same from the iPhone. My goal is to access to the ez-b with my iPhone when i will be out of my home. ( out of the roaming of the wifi) Christophe




with or without the wifi, the result is the same from the iPhone.

Let's start with the scenario where your iPhone and EZB are both connected to the same WIFI network:

  1. does it work or not ?
  2. post #23 there is no wifi SSID, are you connected to the same EZB's wifi network ?

I do not believe this individual is using wifi at all. I have a feeling, based on the postings, that there's no wifi network and the iPhone is not connected to a wifi network. The original post in this thread is asking how to connect with wifi.

Lastly, if the translation is misunderstood and there is a wifi network, the router may have ap isolation enabled. AP isolation is enabled by default for many telco rental routers.



for PTP, with or without the wifi, the result is the same from the iPhone. My goal is to access to the ez-b with my iPhone when i will be out of my home. ( out of the roaming of the wifi)

That is a different story. If you want to connect to the EZ-B while away from the network, you would have to open ports on the firewall in order to allow you into your network to connect to the EZ-B. As stated earlier today, you have to have your device and your EZ-B on the network.

If you are connecting from outside your network, you would need to be familiar enough with your firewall to forward ports to your EZ-B. You would probably want a Static IP address provided by your ISP so that your IP address that is exposed to the world would not change and you would still be able to connect a few days, weeks or months from now depending on your ISP.

I would expect an extreme amount of latency doing this. It is also possible that your ISP would block access from their end anyway. There are a lot of variables to make this work.



I think you are missing how private networks work:

  1. if your EZB is connected to your home network, your desktop or mobile phone needs to be connected to the same network.

  2. If your goal is to access from a public network (iphone without wifi) to a private network (your home) the idea is not so simple.

Please read the thread: post #5

we all (me, David, DJ) assumed you are in the same network, it seems is not the case, can you confirm ?


Goods new's it 's very strange but i can connect ezb with the iPhone in client mode only if the iPhone is connected to the wifi's home but i have to be quick. I explain what i do. 1- I connect the ezb in client mode 2- i reboot the ezb. 3- i perform the app mobile from the iPhone ( connected in wifi mode) 4- i reboot the ezb and wait the message "ezb is connect......" and i have to click on connect just 1 or 2 seconds after the message.

just in this case thats works... If i wait more than 10 seconds to do some checks, it 's dead. very strange.

To reply to the first question of Ptp, it's yes

Let's start with the scenario where your iPhone and EZB are both connected to the same WIFI network:

  1. does it work or not ? yes yes (in client mode)

to reply to the question : 2) If your goal is to access from a public network (iphone without wifi) to a private network (your home) the idea is not so simple.

yes, it's exactly what i want to do. I will read in detail your thread and i stop to disturb you and i hope to find some answers... it seems (the thread) very very hard for me. ....

Thanks a lot for your help