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Continuous Servo Direction Change

So I am sure someone else has this some place ( i cant find it ) but I am just getting started with my EZ B (super fun btw) but I am having a silly issue getting the 360 servo to change direction i have the panel up but when I hit other arrow it does not switch... I can only get it to go one direction and stop... both arrows send it in same rotation no matter the combo of values I chose... What simple thing am I obviously overlooking ?

Thanks :)


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need more detail info, please. j


Yes I have the modified servo plugged into D0 and I have modified servo windows open ..ect it displays the left arrow stop in middle and right arrow. I have the D0 picked and when I test hitting one arrow it starts up and spins one direction.. The other arrow I assume would have it change directions ? But it just keeps spinning one direction and does not change. How do you get the servo to spin one way and then spin another ?


Try changing the numbers around in the control config....


Hi @Jayutmb

Check out This thread for customizing the 360 servo values yourself. I believe we still have the default values for the v3 servos in the modified servo control which might be causing what you're seeing. We'll likely be updating that soon.



I have v3 servos and those values work fine for me. Also running the servos at 6 volts, using a voltage regulator.



I had the same problem. I modified 4 servos. three where fine. the fourth one wen only one direction. so I took it apart and found that the resistors that I soldered in where touching when I stuffed the servo together. I pulled them apart and stuffed it back together and now it works. I don't know if this is the same problem you are having.


thanks for responses guys:) but this is just me testing servo so it is just basic ez b to servo and thats it. i have played with the values and it seems to only want to go clockwise. i cant get it to switch when other direction is picked on interface. Only stop works and no matter which arrow is picked or values put into config for modified servo it spins clockwise. I have no issue with normal servos doing what they should be doing... it is just this 360 that only wants to spin one way...


Hi @Jayutmb

You could always use a small Philips screwdriver, find the small hole in the side and adjust the center value of the potentiometer and see if it was possibly manufactured with the pot turned all the way to one side.