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Continuous Rotation Servos At 8.0V

Alright. Simple question. If I have continuous rotation servos connected to the ez-b running off of a 7.2v ni-mh battery(max voltage7.9) will it survive? If not, could I just PWM it down and it will do fine?


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The EZ-Robot 360 servos will definitely be fine. I have a pair from the v3 developers kit that are supposed to be 5v and so far they work fine as well, but I don't use them often so not sure how long they will last. I think most modern servos are designed to run with 2s (7.5v) batteries.



Great. They seemed to be running way faster so I didn't want to push them too far. Only other time I have used these is in my wall-e.

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Just to confirm what Alan said, running the continuous servos off a fully charg d NiMH battery should be fine. I use 7.4v HD servos (not continuous) with a 7.2v NiMH battery (full charge about 7.9v) with no problems at all. And keep in mind that a 7.4v LiPo will have slightly more voltage at full charge too (just over 8 volts), and loads of people use them with 7.4v servos with no problem. :)