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Continuous Rotation Servo Help

Hi Guys,

Can a continuous servo be either timed to rotate forwards for X amount of time then go in reverse for the same amount of time OR Do X amount of rotations in one direction and then the same amount of rotation in the opposite direction.

This is needed to move Wall-e's arms along his arm slot


User-inserted image


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I would think if you use servo() and sleep() it would work. if the servo position is centered at 35 the servo shouldn't move and the higher the position forward and lower then 35 reverse. sleep() should create a timer for how long the servo goes. Then again I don't script I program my own windows so I maybe wrong.

servo(D1,35) should stop servo
servo(D1, 1) should reverse
servo(D1, 70) should forward
sleep(1000) pause for 1 second // might stop your code haven't used script
Hey Rich,

Yah, Orwnic82 is right you definitely can do it by using a script in ARC that allows the servo to move for a certain amount of time, like above write (with a few minor additions):

servo(D1, 70) move servo a certain direction
sleep(1000) this is the amount of time the servo will be active for
set(D1, OFF) or servo(D1, 35) the later code segment will send a pulse that should return the servo to a neutral state (not moving) but this is servo dependent you'll probably have to do some fiddling with the value to find the correct neutral state or you could just turn the port off for a little while as I have written there.

You'll probably have to do a bit of trial and error with adjusting the sleep value to get the amount of turns (distance) right.

Sorry, orwnic82 I didn't mean to steal any thunder I just wanted to reinforce that you are indeed correct and wanted to offer a slightly different perspective in case it helped.
No thunder stolen like I said I don't use ARC and from my knowledge of pwm signals for controlling servos I was giving my idea of how to do it. Glad you could chim in on it.
Great ,
Thanks heaps guys I was pretty sure it could be done was just checking so all good.

Thanks again.

P.S. Wall-e is coming along nicely but it was just to hot (35c or 100 and something in fahrenheit) to go out to the workshop. Will post some more pics in the next day or so.

Ohh check out some of the servos Wall-e is using. the second rear one is a standard size.
User-inserted image
Wow rich your workshop needs a window air conditioner really bad , phew , if its over 80 I won't work on anything. Ofcourse I'm fluffy. Here in Tennessee , USA its very humid from rivers , dams and cooling towers from the three nuclear plans in the general area.
I call it quits in my shop when it hits 46c 115f ! Fans , sweatband (most important) and XX large ice tea . I've found that a sweatband keeps your head cool. Your body can stand high temps but the brain can't . It would cost to much to cool my shop cause it's twice as big as my house . house =1236 sqft. shop=2600 sqft !!:) RichiesRC I may have the same dilemma as you on the arms on Buster I'm doing. As soon as the servos get here I can do testing. J.W.
The missus(wife) is from the US and spent most of her adult life in Texas but is originally from Michigan and I spent some time in both. hot and humid in Texas and bloody freezing in Michigan.

Wish I had a huge shop bigger than the house, but mine is just a small tin shed(large one car garage) that's not that well sealed and it would cost to much to keep cool so I just tried to catch up with some computer stuff(building a new website/store) inside with the aircon running flat out.

Just a suggestion because this is such an awesome forum with an awesome bunch of guys I thick we need a new category for totally off topic stuff, maybe DJ can do something with that and maybe someone can come up with a unique name for it instead of the usual "Lounge", just a thought and it would only be accessible by members. What do you reckon people?

P.S. If anyone has trouble understanding me at times(even though I try and not use to much Aussie slang) you may like this site: Australian slang dictionary