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Constant Power Supply


withs power supply is bin used for this display ,for constant let the robot working. i want to use a ezbv4 wiht cam only for servelance hole day.that dj made for in the store,


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Your link sucks. LOL :P . I don't know what you want to power from that link. However;

I would think that just about any low priced but reliable plugin AC to DC power supply/converter would work. You need to buy one that will handle the input AC power rating of Belgium. I thing Belgium has 220 volt (50 hertz) electricity? You also need to figure out what the power voltage and amp requirements are of the device you want to run. Adequate power supplies are so inexpensive now a days that you should just get one that is oversized for the amps you actually need. As a rule I always oversize my amp needs by at least 20% anyway. The below link is just an example of something that may work depending on what your device needs for voltage. This one will run something needing 5vdc and supply 20 amps for only $18 USD. Just make sure you change the power setting to 220v using the switch on the unit. (Oh, and you'd also need to add a power cord connected to the AC input screws) :

ALITOVE 5V 20A 100W AC to DC Power Supply


haha lol idd dave wrong link.many thanks for stepping in. i have a friend who has the bad luck of having a buglar in his house, while he was he's afraid to leave his without servelance cam. he told me he wanted something thats send a pic to his phone to capture the, buglar.this is what ARC can do and very good.we wanted to use an old empty robosapien,whithout any wires in,put the cam in there.but it need to be working, the hole its just a base and camera we wanted to use. yes belgium has 220 volt.looks like you can set a higher voltage?your link

I need a power cord black/red/ground also a cord to the base with cam dean connector.?

how iconnect this?

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PS ,my appolegies dj ,i think i made a double topic.

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Patrick, Wouldn’t your friend be better off purchasing an off the shelf, plug n play CCTV camera that can stream to a phone or computer? Plenty of reliable ones on the market at reasonable prices that are designed to run day and night, use little power, have very good resolution, and some have infrared (night vision).


hi steve G

i saw one round 390 euro+8 euro server would be great and very safe.

security cam set