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Connection Help

Hi everyone,

I'm having difficulty connecting to the ARC, I'm thinking that it has something to do with my system denying the connection?

Help would be appreciated!


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Is this a V3 or V4 EZ-B? What does the Debug in ARC report when attempting connection?

Edit: Questions answered as I asked...

Is that the correct IP for the EZ-B? Type that IP address (without the :23)in to your browser and see what comes up to check.


Please watch the connection video for the EZ-B v4 Wi-Fi. You are attempting to connect to something over Wi-Fi that is not the EZ-B v4.


User-inserted image

User-inserted image

When attempting to connect, this pops out in the debug console

#5 is not a valid IP Address for an EZ-B v4. Where did you get that IP Address from?

Is it possible for you to reply to Rich's questions please?

Here is the connection instructions video:

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Personally I would scan for EZ-Bs again if the EZ-B is in client mode.

DJ shows how in this video;

The EZ-B will chime when it is detected too so you can be sure it's an EZ-B that's detected not a printer, router, access point, thermostat, PC or anything else that's on the network.

Once it picks it up, select it and click on the small circular icon (kinda like the Chrome icon) to the right. This will open the web page for the device, this should let you be 100% sure it is the V4 you are trying to connect to.

Once you are 100% sure, try connecting to it. You should find no errors in the debug if you have done it correctly.

@DJ just a thought and I don't know if it's feasible or not but perhaps adding in a pop up message for when users connect to something that's not an EZ-B may be of benefit? Something like "This is not the droid you are looking for". While this is only the second time I've seen this "problem" it still amounts to 2-3% of V4 users


Hi everyone. Thanks for the help, I thought that the IP address was my own IP address.

So I would physically need to have the robot, is that right? Are there any ways of using the ARC without a robot on hand?


Do you have an EZ-B v4? If not, then you can still use ARC to experiment. Simply do not use the CONNECT button because there is no robot. You can add controls and experiment with features.


If by robot you mean the actual EZB controller than yes, you need an EZB4 controller to connect to... ARC software on your PC connects via wifi or Bluetooth to the ezb4 or ezb3 controller not to it's self... And yes you can use ARC without the actual controller... but obviously there will be some limitations...


Oh I see I see..

I'm still waiting for my robot to be shipped here, so I thought I would try experimenting with the ARC for a bit. Do you all have any suggestions what I should do first?


You can familiarize yourself with some of the features. Perhaps play with the Camera Control...

  1. Load ARC

  2. Select PROJECT from top menu

  3. Select Add Control

  4. Select Camera and add the Camera Device

Experiment with different features using the EZ-Robot designer as well. Just click on stuff and play. That's the best way to learn:) Play...


Load some of the example projects and play around with them a bit... see how changing settings affects things.... Obviously you'll be limited until your EZB4 comes, but at least you can get familiar on how to use ARC.... read over the online manual and take a look at some sample scripts to see how they work as well.... Once you get your ezb4 you'll be set....

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Scripting (for the most part) will also work without a connection to an EZ-B. I often write my scripts without an EZ-B attached. All that wont work are any commands that move servos or read from sensors etc.

In fact, the majority of my Ping Roam scripts were written without an EZ-B ever being paired with the PC, sensor values were random numbers and servo commands were replaced with setting variables and writing values to log files while creating the scripts.

Voice commands (recognition and speech synthesis) will work without an EZ-B, as will the RSS, HTTPGet etc. commands so all internet based retrieval of information scripts can be done with no EZ-B.

You can add the controls and get familiar with them too, they just wont do anything other than flag an error in the debug if you use them without an EZ-B attached.

Glad you solved your problem.

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Just out of interest and not intended in any belittling or sarcastic way at all but what did you think the connection would do or enable?


You could also go out to the cloud and download someone's project and see what they did and how they did it. I looked at many of the projects that are out there to get a feel for how things worked before I started a project. I find it easier to start with an example than to start with a blank canvas when first playing with some new technology.