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Connection Chime

Heya guys. Anyone know if its possible to disable, remove, or replace the "i have successfully connected to your network" chime from the connection startup?


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If you have the new EZB4 x/2 (not sure about the original EZB4) you can disable the audible messages under the general settings tab in the EZB4 web server... However, not sure why you would want to as it is a good diagnostic tool if you should run into connection issues...

...or open up the ezb and remove the speaker...


Ok thank you. I have the original ezb4 and i couldnt find it in webserver settings but im no expert so i will take another look. I want the female startup voice gone is all. I agree that some kind of notification is useful, i just find it odd to start up with a female voice amd then immediately switch to my assigned male voice. Its breaks the illusion of the robots personality. I mean for me personally of course...i may be OCD :-)


Upgrade your ez-b with EZ-B v4/2 Comm Upgrade for those new features, including direct Serial Communication ( which is useful for InMoov's that have onboard PC


Ok thanks DJ. I do think this would be a nice upgrade for Winslow(Inmoov). The physical serial connection would be terrific in and of itself but removing the startup voice will restore my zen. :)


By the way. I have to say i am super impressed by the constant development of both your hardware and the Ez- builder software. I find myself using your products more and more over time which is usually the opposite of how i operate, where i am usually looking for the next best product. The crazy high number of updates to the software still surprises me and is something ive never even seen before from a company. It certainly isnt going unnoticed by myself and others from what i read on the forums. Keep up the excellent work! It inspires people like me to try some of these ideas and features ourselves and try to create ideas and devices of our own..or at least have blast while trying :)