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Connection And Dip Switch Help For Newbie

Hi Everyone. Im finally getting back to my robot project and installing the EZB V3. I am using a Sabertooth 2x25 V2.00 to drive two 24 volt motors and want to ultimately use an iPad to control my bot and steer with differential control of the two motors. I will be adding a bunch of other devices and functions but Im starting with the drive.

Can anyone help on the best mode (i.e. dip switch settings) to set the Sabertooth? Not sure if I should have switch 4 down (independent mode) or up (mixed mode). Also, Im confused about how best to connect to the EZB. I was thinking Id be using digital ports 00 and 01 but not sure. Then there is dip switch 1 which sets analog mode if down. I cant help thinking im in a bit over my head here.

If I use the two digital ports should dip switch 1 be up? (and 4 down?)? Im so confused.

Any help or links to tutorials would be greatly appreciated.


Gwen *stress*


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Put it in simple serial mode and use 1 digital port from the EZ-B.

Have a read of this topic for some more info. Here's another one.
Set 1, 3 and 6 to up or "on" the rest down... This is serial mode. The baud rate will be 38400....

As Rich stated you use only one ezb port and 2 wires... One wire to ground or 0v on the sabertooth and the other wire from the ezb signal/data pin to S1 on the sabertooth....