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Connect To An Ez-Robot In Another Country

Hey Guys,

Trying to make a robot to play with my little nephew in another country.

Either want it to have two-way video/audio communication on its own, or integrate an old smartphone/tablet into the bot. The last option is to have the bot have no video/audio, and just have a phone with Skype in a slot. however would still need to control the bot from my pc.

So my main question, can i construct a bot and have it basically ready to go when i ship it, and all they have to do is turn it on and input wifi password.

or will i have to coordinate with them to access their router and set it up (which I have no idea how to do)

My overall goal would be something similar to the roli rover with a smartphone/tablet with tilt function where the camera is, being able to control it from my pc, maybe even with a game controller.

Thanks in advance for the advice/wisdom.


P.S. Anyone that wouldn't mind me bending their ear in chat about what is possible and what isn't would be appreciated, I'm a newb obviously lol.


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domau - super easy!:D and sounds really fun!

  1. Have your nephew connect the ez-b to his home network

  2. Get the IP Address from the EZ-B and add it to the router reserve the ip address so it doesn't change

  3. Have your nephew log onto his router and add port forwarding for TCP 23 and TCP 24 to the robot's reserved IP address

  4. Have your nephew type "What Is My IP" in google and send you the ip address

  5. In your ARC, type in that IP Address and VOILA!

You can even use the video.. but audio will only work one way


Thanks DJ,

I assume the video is one way as well, ie I'll be able to see and hear what my robot does.

That's cool, I'll add the Skype phone option, could even have the robots cam on the arm for precision clamping.

Thanks again



As an additional thought for step 4, you might want to keep in mind the IP address can change based on your nephew's internet service provider. If you happen to find that your connection works for a while then stops out of the blue one day, a good thing to recheck would be to have your nephew redo step 4 to rule out an IP address change.


If the IP address keeps changing, he can see if his router supports a free dynamic DNS Service like

That way you can refer to it by name instead of IP