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Connect Revolution Jd To

good evening I have tryng to connect to the desktop computer revolution jd, my pc being a disk does not have wifi and connected to a modem with cable ethernet which then gives me the wifi at home... it's possible connected in a different way?or i have buy a key wifi usb only for use the robot? Thank you


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You will need to directly connect to JD on it's ad-hoc WiFi network once in order to tell it the settings of your WiFi router. From then on, unless you have to re-set it, you will be able to connect from your wired computer through your router.

If you have a smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS) with Wifi you can use that to connect to JD and set up the network settings on his web page. Otherwise, yes, you will need to get a WiFi USB adapter for your computer (or borrow a friend's Wifi enabled computer, tablet, or phone - but would be better to have your own method of connecting in case you ever need to reset the EZ-B).

For more on EZ-B's WiFi connection, be sure to take this lesson:


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Yep I got caught out trying to connect to my desk PC (no Wifi). So to set my JD into Client Wi Fi Mode for the first Time, I had to a) First use a Tablet to connect to the JD default Web Address through a Browser.
b) Set the JD EZ Controller to Client Access Mode, with WiFi settings according to my Router WiFi. [ The Browser will then fail, as JD will reassign its own IP to one a that is DHCP allocated from the router] - But you should get a nice chime from the EZ Controller "I am now connected to your network" c) In order to connect from your Desk Top ARC, you need to discover the new IP address of the EZ Controller: So you need to perform an IP scan, under the Network settings. The IP Range needs to correspond to the same IP range as your Router and Desktop PC. Hopefully one IP address will be found corresponding to your JD EZ Controller (you can stop the scan) and select it. d) That selected IP range will then copied into a Connection List entry, so pressing Connect, should then establish a connection between your desktop PC ARC and the JD Robot (Swings into default servo positions) That's what I needed to do. I think I may have to re scan my EZ controller each time I use, as other devices get DHCP allocated into my wifi network.


Spiddy, there is also a very in depth learning section on this website full of tutorials. Click the button that says Learn on the top menu.

Once you are in learn section, start the course "EZB". There is a wifi modes tutorial in that course. It explains how to setup your wifi modes.

Do not forget the learn section! You will need to use it often to find help. The learn section is very important.:)