Upgrade to ARC Pro

Elevate your robot's capabilities to the next level with Synthiam ARC Pro, unlocking a world of possibilities in robot programming.


To remotely control your JD Humanoid robot using an Android device, you will need to use the ARC Mobile app. Here are the steps:

  1. Download the ARC Mobile app from the Google Play Store on your Android device.

  2. Open the app and log in with your Synthiam account.

  3. Connect your Android device to the same WiFi network as your JD Humanoid robot.

  4. In the app, select your robot from the list of available robots.

  5. Once connected, you can use the controls in the app to operate your robot.

Remember, the Remote UI Client skill is used to create custom interfaces for controlling your robot. You can use the Interface Builder robot skill to create these interfaces. Once created, these interfaces can be used in the ARC Mobile app to control your robot.

For more detailed instructions, you can refer to the ARC Mobile manual on the Synthiam website:

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