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Comparing Image Recognition With Fischertechnik


I wonder whether there is someone with first-hand expirience with both EZ and Fischertechnik ROBO TXT image recognition. Can you compare these two, their quality and width of options? I know there are other differences between those kits (like EZ can connect way more motors), but I would like to focus just on image recognition.




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Apologies in advance, but there is little comparison between ez-robot, making it a strange question to answer - so my response has added a little humor to the end:D. The single color detection camera that the mentioned product uses has barely 1/10th of the ezrobot vision recognition features. The two products are at very opposite ends of the feature set list.

On a more serious note... If you're considering a focus on vision recognition, I would recommend coupling RoboRealm with ezrobot. However, I recommend starting with ezrobot to get your feet wet. You can download the software for free immediately.

What hammer would you use?:D

A toy...

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Or ezrobot...

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hahahhaaha couldn't help myself:D


Hey, I think I had that plastic hammer when I did roofing... It made a squeaky noise every time I used it....:P


I need that plastic hammer to bonk JD on his head when he doesn't listen


@DJ... I need it to bonk @nomad on the head when he doesn't listen....:D

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Perhaps I asked the wrong way. My bad. So one more try. Is there, please, anyone with FIRST-HAND expirience with both kits and without apparent bias? Also, I would appreciate if answers are to the point and free of marketing.

Anyway thank you DJ for pointing me to RoboRealm, I will take a look at it, though it seems to be too advanced for me now.


libor, that wasn't marketing - it was kidding:)

I would recommend comparing the list of features to the two kits. Again, it won't be easy to compare because Fischertechnik is a toy and does not contain any visual recognition capabilities.

Get the list of features of Fischertechnik that are promoted on the website. Compare them against the list of features promoted on the selected ez-robot product.

I doubt anyone on ez-robot's website would use the Fischertechnik product because it doesn't do very much. I would consider Lego Mindstorms a viable comparison to Fischertechnik.


Even Mindstorms is more powerful than Fischertechnik ROBO. Go EZ, go the right way! This is marketing! LOL


@liborius If you're a 12yr old kid then maybe Fischertechnik would be for you... You have no idea how much more powerful EZ Robot is over Fischertechnik.... Saying that many 12yr olds are enjoying ez robot as we speak...:)


When this was first posted, I went over to their site to see what it was. After looking at their abilities, and knowing what EZ-Robot has available, I quickly decided that they were not even in the category of product. I didn't want to sound like a fan boy so I kept my mouth shut.

Here is my recommendation to you... Download ARC to your computer. If you have a camera on your computer, you should quickly be able to test out the vision capabilities of ARC without costing you a dime. If it does what you want it to do, you have solved the issue without spending a dime.

If you want this in a robot type device, you can use the EZ-B and the camera and have a lot of abilities and room for growth. ARC doesn't need the EZ-B to work. I made quite a few projects prior to ever owning an EZ-B. Now I have about 10 of the EZ-B V4's.

Also, I would like to say that DJ is very involved in the community. This is huge with technology type companies. If the CEO isn't closely involved with the community, I wouldn't mess with it much. He listens to issues and makes adjustments made based on recommendations or issues.