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Comm Err: The Operation Has Timed Out

my ez-b was working for 3 days, now when i try i get this...

Attempting connection on COM3
Comm Err: The operation has timed out.
BbytesToExpect: 1

Connection Failed: System.Exception: Controller Not Responding
at EZ_B.EZB.Connect(String hostname, String tcpPassword, Int32 baudRate)


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i got the usb bluetooth for the shop. like the on on this site, and i have used my bench top power supply set at 9v. still same thing, i can see the ez-b with my galaxy S2. hmmm. i dont know. and i have done it all, reset, uninstall, re install and i am about to formatt and re install windows 7 on my laptop. my desk top is windows 7. and my girlfriends laptop is windows vista. same thing.
yea, that is what it is doing, it will connects for a few seconds then disconnects(going by the Bluetooth light). i can do it. every thing looks and acts as it did when it was working, lights do the same thing, it just seem to disconnects.
United Kingdom
If it is connecting then disconnecting after a few seconds check your power supply is good enough, it could be a brownout causing it. What do you have plugged in? How many amps is the supply? If you have a high torque servo connected that can pull 3A but your power supply is only 1A it will brown out and disconnect. Also, if your accessories total is more than the regulators can handle (5A from memory) it will brown out.

If the power supply is good then;

Unplug everything from the EZ-B.
Connect the EZ-B to the PC
Does it disconnect?

Plug in a servo to any of the Digital ports
Add a servo control
Move the servo
Does it disconnect?

Plug in another accessory
Add the control & use it
Does it disconnect?

Repeat until everything is connected back to the EZ-B or until the disconnect happens.

If the disconnect happens then check the accessory which was last connected.
It is a 15 amp desktop power supply. And the amp meter is reading next to noting with just the ez-b. And still. Like I have said before. It not connect for a sec. Then it will disconnect . Lights still flash. Like it should work.
Try removing the bluetooth chip from the EZ-B then check that all 4 pins are straight, use a small pocket knife blade and lightly scrape the 4 metal prongs sticking down from the Bluetooth then re-insert and test.
Still the same thing.
Is there a way to hook up the ez-b to the PC over sireal cable to the com port just to see if it is the ez-b or Bluetooth?
If you have a comm program like Realterm or Teraterm you can test the connection to the bluetooth that is powered by your EZ-B without using the EZ-B program. Just make sure the bluetooth led is flashing red, attempt a connection and watch for the led to switch to steady green.
I used Realterm and the light on the Bluetooth will stay on. so. any ideas? and thanks the everyone for the help
There is evidently something failing on the EZ-B itself since the bluetooth works. You might try removing the bluetooth then carefully remove the dual inline chip and check for debris between the pins or even bent pins. If nothing is found I'm sure you can get a replacement board.
I hope so. But I will check and see. Thanks... I set a letter to support. Just have to see what they say. I have placed a order for another ez-robot kit. Maybe that would send out a replacement ez-b too. Any one have any more ideas? Or have we hit the end?
You might flip your board over and look for a cold solder joint (poor connection) on one of the pins that the bluetooth plugs into. Looking closely at the Tx Rx pins, maybe use a flashlight and look down into the 4 pin header that the bluetooth plugs into for a damaged connector.
I can't seem to see any. I'll hit every spot with my iron just to make sure.
OK. I did all you said. And still no dice
Ya, I can't think of any other things to test or check so it is time for a replacement board.
OK. Thanks everyone for the help. Is there any way to order just the Ez-B Chip and Bluetooth chip?
Just go to the Support selection at the top of the page.
What part of the support section? Its just about getting started and so on.
Go to "EZ-B Diagnostics" scroll down on the right side until you see "Contact Us" in blue.
Did you find any solution? I didn't.