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Combining Ezb 3 And 4

Hi All.

I recently recieved my EZ B 4 and was wondering if I could use the 3 along with it.

It's a little over-kill but since I now have an EZ B 3 that I'm not using, I thought I could use it to flash a panel of 14 lights in a random fashion. I'd be using these lights:

Is there a way to connect the EZ B 3 and 4 (via bluetooth?), with the V4 board telling the V3 when to activate the light display? Will there be conflicts in EZ builder?

If I can't connect them, or if it's just too tricky to do so, is there a way to get the V3 to automatically start the lights flashing as soon as the power on the robot is turned on?

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Yes, you can use both... The ezb4 will connect via wifi and the ezb3 will connect via Bluetooth... What you would do is have the V4 tell ARC and then ARC will tell the V3 to activate the lights...

Remember the ezb3 will have less range (due to being Bluetooth) than the ezb4...


Thanks. I think I'm going to need a little walk through on how to do this.

The V4 will connect to my computer via wifi and the V3 will connect to the V4 via bluetooth, but how do you set that up in ARC?



No, the V3 will connect to your computer via Bluetooth, just like it does today.

you can have up to 5 EZ-B boards connected to one ARC. Just define the second board slot as a com port instead of an IP address.

The first board is board 0, and any scripts and controls will access it unless you specify differently. The second board is board 1 and you need to specify it in controls and scripts explicitly.



Your V4 connects to ARC via wifi... your EZB3 connects to ARC via Bluetooth... In other words both the V3 and V4 connect to your pc (albeit using different protocols)... The V3 cannot connect to the V4 because the v4 does not have Bluetooth...

As Alan suggested... You can connect up to 5 ezbs .... Your V4 maybe can be board 0 and your V3 can be board 1 (or vice versa)... When you send a command in ARC all you have to do is specify to which EZB controller you want to send it to


Can I control both the V4 and V3 boards with the same iPhone /iPad app (using wifi for the V4 and bluetooth for the V3)? I'd like to avoid beign tied to a Windows computer once I'm finally done with the programming.

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Android yes, iOS no. iOS doesn't support serial over Bluetooth.


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To be honest, if it's just flashing a bunch of lights you may be better off using an Arduino and controlling it (i.e. sending it a command to start the sequences) through serial or I2C. The arduino would connect to the V4 which is connected to ARC. ARC would tell the V4 to send the serial or I2C command, the arduino would pick it up and respond accordingly.