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Com Ports Dropdown List In ARC And Firmware Updater

Hi All,

I apologize if this has been posted with a solution but I could not find it in bugs.

I noticed after the IP capable version of ARC came out (awesome btw) my COM Ports showed up in the pull down a little strange. Where I had COM6 before, I now had COM16 showing. The COM port was verified as COM6 with the OS and I was able to key in COM6 it would connect without problems.

I verified this with another EZ-B and the same results on the same computer. I also verified this on another computer.

This in itself is not a problem really as I can simply type in the COM port....but with the new firmware upgrade I run the Firmware upgrade utility and I get the same strange anomoly on the dropdown list. COM16 for example, when the open BT COM port is actually COM6. Problem is I cannot edit this so I cannot connect to the EZ-B with the Util and cannot do the firmware update.

I am using Windows 7 Home and Windows 7 Ultimate...both have the same problem.

Anyone else experiencing this?




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I was wondering when someone would experience this issue. I have SO many letters to Microsoft regarding it. It happens to me daily!! mostly because i'm constantly adding and deleting EZ-B's to my system.

Microsoft has a HUGE bug with virtual COM ports and their naming. For some reason they don't have proper \0 null termination in the description in the registry. When that happens, strange things result.

In November of 2010, i found this issue. I wrote to Microsoft and continued to write to microsoft with no response. Not even a "thank you" or a "screw off". Haha, silly huge companies!

Here is my original blog post regarding the situation: http://www.dj-sures.com/Blog/2010-11-29+Calgary+GetPortNames+Is+Broken

Seems there is nothing i can do... at all:(